Dental Implant Cincinnati

J.A. Hahn Dental Implants in Cincinnati

Dental implants are surgically implanted posts that are inserted into your jawbone to take the place of tooth roots. Loss of natural tooth roots can result in deterioration of the jaw bone. The jaw bone supports the features of the face and this loss of bone will eventually lead to changes in facial appearance. After tooth loss and replacing them with dental implants will prevent bone loss, increase chewing efficiency and restore fascial appearance. Patients that have lost all of their teeth and have been wearing dentures for a long period of time, can eliminate slipping, uncomfortable dentures and eat a more healthy diet such as fruits and vegetables. Replacing dentures or partials with dental implants results in improving comfort, function and appearance.

Advanced Periodontal or gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Retaining teeth that have advanced gum disease can be detrimental to ones health. Studies have proven that gun disease can be a contributing factor to heart disease, diabetes and dementia. Dr. Hahn has written chapter in two text books and published a number of papers on immediate tooth replacements on patients with advanced periodontal disease. The hopeless teeth are removed and at the same time dental implants are inserted with immediate provisional teeth. Patients are never without teeth.

How Should I Choose a Doctor?

When finding someone to perform your implant procedure, always look for someone who has a proven record of success in the field of Dental Implant Surgery. Cincinnati residents have the added advantage of living near Dr Jack Hahn, who is recognized as one the most experienced dental implant specialists in the world. Dr. Hahn is also considered one of the field’s pioneers. When searching for your own doctor, keep in mind that implant dentistry spans beyond the surgical phase. Dr. Hahn does both the surgical and prosthetic treatment.

What’s the Treatment Timeframe?

The process begins with an evaluation to ensure that you’re a good candidate. Then, a specialist will perform the surgery to place each implant. The total time of the surgery depends on how many implants you need. A single implant might take about an hour, while multiple implants could take a few hours.

After you have fully recovered, you’ll visit with someone trained in restorative dentistry so they can create your prosthetic teeth. Although the entire process can take from a few months, to a year, once everything is complete, you have the lasting benefit of a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

The advantage to the patient of receiving dental implant treatment at The J.A. Hahn Dental Center is that all treatments are performed at one location, by one Dr. Hence, Saving Cost and Time. A very important factor to patients deciding on treatment to compare the implant doctors experience.

How Much Will the Dental Implant Procedure Hurt?

Your amount of discomfort during your treatment will depend on your general pain threshold. If you tend to be very sensitive, speak with your doctor well in advance of the procedure to see what sorts of anaesthesia they recommend. You may also be given a prescription for pain medication and advised to eat softer foods to make the recovery process easier.

Although we’ve covered three of the most common questions here, make sure to bring up anything else that you’re curious about when you speak with your doctor about your dental implant procedure. It definitely pays to be an informed patient. Consultations regarding dental implants are always free, with Dr. Hahn, himself.