How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

dental-implants-costThinking about undergoing a dental implant procedure? If so, you’re considering a treatment that not only helps your smile look brighter, but you’re considering something that can solve the dental hygiene problems commonly associated with missing teeth, as well. Many people are very concerned about dental implant costs and want to make sure they’re fully aware of the financial obligation before making a final decision.

Costs Can Vary by State

As you begin your research about dental implant costs, you’ll find out that they’re different in each state. Therefore, what you’ll pay to have your procedure done locally in Cincinnati could be different than what someone who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida might pay, for example. Generally though, when looking at the country at large, you’ll probably find that the dollar amount per implant ranges from about $800-4,000 and up.

Avoid Choosing the Cheapest Doctor

When finances are tight, people often try to reduce their spending by choosing cheaper options whenever possible. However, when it comes to your oral health, it’s more important to find a doctor that can meet your specific needs, instead of being too concerned about whether they are the cheapest option. Furthermore, when calculating dental implant costs, remember that even if the initial cost seems a bit expensive, your decision should pay for itself over time. If inserted properly, your implants can last for a lifetime, so they’re money well spent.

Dental Implant Costs and Insurance Companies

Also, if you have dental insurance, it’s worth checking to see if your dental implants might be covered. While some plans may cover some of the cost, others may consider the procedure to be cosmetic. Get informed and find out what your options are before choosing treatment.

Even if your insurance company elects not to offer coverage, you can still spread out the total cost of the treatment over time by enrolling in a payment plan at a cosmetic dentist’s office. Paying a certain amount per month instead handling the total cost all at once often makes it easier to budget and can help you get the treatment you want now, rather than having to wait until you’ve been able to save the money.

It’s smart to learn about what you might be expected to pay before scheduling an appointment to see if you’re a candidate for the implant procedure. However, don’t let dental implant costs ultimately dissuade you from going through with the treatment if it is determined that it would work well for you. After all, a successful dental treatment can take years off your appearance and could add substantial quality to your oral health and wellness.