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Lower Denture Stabilization with Implants

Stabilize Lower Denture with Two Implants Offered from Dr. Jack Hahn in Cincinnati

Many people in Cincinnati with lower dentures have complaints about them. But many don’t think that they can afford dental implants for every tooth in that lower arch. Implant supported dentures can solve many dentures complaints and denture stabilization with implants offers some great advantages. Instead of using adhesive to keep your lower denture in place there can be two implants placed to provide you with a permanent solution to keeping a healthy and beautiful smile in place. Often called implant overdentures, this combination of dentures and dental implants gives you the stability and permanence of dental implants at a cost that is much closer to the cost of dentures. While all-on-four implant supported dentures are often used for a more stable upper arch, a lower denture stabilized by two dental implants can be a great solution for the bottom arch.

Stabilize Lower Denture with Two Implants Offered from Dr. Jack Hahn in Cincinnati

Benefits of Lower Jaw Overdentures

Lower Jaw overdentures can eliminate complaints about discomfort from poor fitting dentures, and resulting occlusal problems. The two implants inserted into the jaw can also lower the loss of jaw bone that results from missing teeth. You get a permanently affixed dental arch with two implants placed in the jaw. There is a very high success rate for this procedure but not everyone is a good candidate for lower jaw overdentures for stabilization. To find out if this procedure is applicable for you, a consultation can help you determine whether or not this is a viable option. Non-smokers and those with adequate bone jaw tend to be the best candidates for this procedure. Bone grafts are an option for some patients. Dr. Hahn would be pleased to help you review your options and any alternatives available should this not be the optimal solution for you.

Why Choose Dr. Jack Hahn for Implant Overdentures?

Dr. Jack Hahn has four decades of expertise in dentistry and is considered a pioneer in dental implants. As a Cincinnati implants dentist, Dr. Hahn would be happy to review your dental health and help you find the best solution for a fully functional and attractive smile that will boost your oral health and your confidence. Book a no obligation consultation by calling (513) 900-9013.